Works of Mercy: The Third Pillar of our Charism

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Our Lord fills us with His love and mercy as we sit before Him in the Blessed Sacrament. We are then called to go out and spend what we have been given so freely and generously. “After attending Mass, and adoring our Lord in the Most Blessed Sacrament, and praying together as a community, we have now opened our hearts to our Lord’s love, mercy, compassion, and peace. He has filled us with His graces and blessings and He wishes us to go out and be His instruments of love, mercy, compassion and peace by touching people in need with His hands, His words, and His comfort.” (From our Constitution) He fills us up, and we go out and spend what He has given to us, so that nothing is saved, but all is gained.

When we go forth to serve, we strive to keep the focus imparted to us in our Constitution: “The poor, the homeless, the broken, the lonely, the sick, the distressed, these are all God’s children in need of His love and care. If we look at these people through our own eyes, or listen to them with our own ears, we may be afraid or repelled, but if we look at them through the eyes of Jesus and hear their pleas with the ears of Jesus, we can only respond with love, patience, kindness, compassion and understanding.

There is a painful darkness and loneliness in the hearts of many of God’s children, now in various challenging situations. As members of the Order of the Sacred and Immaculate Hearts of Jesus and Mary – desirous of bringing them the balm of God’s great love and the hope of His presence in their lives – we currently go to local hospitals and nursing homes, a downtown homeless shelter, as well as visiting the dying and those in hospice. In our Constitution, it is written, “It is the Lord’s response to them through us that will be the light in their darkness. When they see the light of Jesus’ love through us they will be drawn to Him” and “As servants of our Lord we must ask Him to grant us the grace continuously to hear with His ears, to see with His eyes, to speak with His words, to touch with His loving tenderness. If we see with His eyes, we will then be able to reach out to all people with His love and compassion.”

So as the Heart of Jesus fills us up with His love and mercy as we sit before Him in the Eucharist, we must go and spend all that nourishment to feed the starving masses, one soul at a time. With the grace of the Heart of Mary, we too are to lead people to the Son by spending His love, so freely and generously given to us.

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