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Growing into a vocation

Two-Hearts-Painting-Scanned_3-e1351023725893Everyone has a vocation…

The hearts who are called here come first to serve the Hearts of Jesus and Mary, then to serve the hearts of the fellow community members, then to go out into the world to serve the starving hearts of these times, to bring them the balm of the Two Hearts.

All those entering the Order must have the desire to serve their Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, with all their hearts, all their minds, and all their souls, in humility and love. The Immaculate Heart of Mary will be our inspiration and guide in achieving this goal.

The Three Pillars

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Vocation Stories

The Joy of Being Loved by God

We all know that God loves us because Jesus Christ revealed that truth by giving up His life for us. Jesus’ mission was to reveal the Father’s infinite love for us (John 3:16). We [...]

A New Identity: Reflections from a Novice

In this Year of Mercy, Jesus does not only open His Heart to all people but gives us an opportunity to become the people He desires us to be. It is a time for us [...]

Personal Thoughts on Consecrated Life

“How can I ever put into words the gift God gave me in giving me a Vocation? He saved me from a life of self-gratifying, which leads to emptiness, and gave me a life of [...]

The Importance of the Morning Offering

Recently I was reminded of the importance of a Morning Offering while reading He Leadeth Me by Fr. Walter Ciszek. This Jesuit priest was captured by the Russian army during World War II and falsely [...]

Letting Go and Letting God

I was 14 when I first realized I had a vocation. The thought had silently been present in my mind and heart for some time, but I never went there. It was too challenging of [...]