The Union of the Hearts of Jesus and Mary

Union of the Two Hearts
The union of the hearts of Jesus and Mary is a mystery of God’s great love for man. By “mystery” is meant something beyond our human capacity to fully understand. It’s not a puzzle to be solved, but a transcendent reality to be contemplated. Although a mystery is something we cannot fathom, it is nevertheless something that can be explored. As saints and popes, theologians and mystics, mothers and children study, preach, contemplate and believe in a mystery, greater and greater depths are plumbed individually and as a body, the mystical body. Each level provides brighter light and more penetrating insight into the mystery. Yet getting to the bottom of it is not actually the goal. Growing in love for God as we stand in awe and wonder is.

Though we cannot plumb the depths, we can begin to explore by considering: what is this mystery that we seek to contemplate and how does it lead us to grow in love for God? Perhaps it can be seen that at its essence it is the unfathomable love of God for man and man’s most perfect response. In Jesus, God is giving Himself completely to mankind. He is emptying Himself on behalf of His creatures, to be one with them, to share with them the divine life of the Triune God. In Mary, mankind is responding by offering a perfect, untainted “yes” to God’s giving of Himself completely to mankind.

God wants to give Himself completely; Mary completely says “yes.” She empties herself in love for God, who is emptying Himself in love for man. Mary gives herself entirely and without reserve to Him, who is giving Himself entirely and without reserve to her. This beautiful, humble, poor and chaste virgin conforms her will, her heart, her mind, her whole being to the almighty, all holy, majestic God of Israel, who so humbly takes His human nature from her. In her total and joyful surrender, Mary opens herself to receive from God the divine life and love that He came to give. Mary receives divine love in her immaculate heart and she conceives a divine Son in her immaculate womb.

The union of the Two Hearts can be seen in this way: as both the second person of the Trinity and the most perfect human being giving their complete “yes” to the holy will of God. It is also the complete “yes” that they each gave to one another, to receiving one another and giving themselves to one another. Through this exchange of pure love, through this union, God gave Himself not only to Mary, but to all mankind. He desired union not only with Mary, but with all mankind.

Like Mary, and relying on her help, we too can enter into this union and give ourselves entirely to God. As we give our “yes” to Jesus, His teachings and His will, we are saying “yes” to His loving presence and His continual desire for union with us as our most intimate companion and living Savior. Thus we allow Him to enter into our world. In our union with Him, He lives and loves once again through us. He comes to the people of our lives through us, so that He may give Himself to them and draw them into His heart, the abyss of love and mercy. As we give Him our all, like Mary, we allow Him to continue His saving work of redemption, so that all may enter into union with His sacred heart forever.

By Sr. Teresa of the Two Hearts

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