Sr. T’s Yuca Fries

What to do when a friend gives you a yuca? Make Fries!

I returned from a home visit and found this interesting root veggie on the counter.

All I was told was that it was for me and that it had some unusual name that was already forgotten. With a little research I discovered that it was a yuca root – also called cassava. It’s where tapioca comes from, too. (BTW: There’s difference between yuca and yucca. Yuca is the root we can eat. Yucca is a flowering plant. Here’s the scoop: Cassava – Wikipedia)

Next I looked up how to cook it. Here’s what I found:

You have to boil it before you do anything else with it. I usually don’t boil veggies (because I don’t want to lose any of the nutrients with the water) but I decided to trust Julie at theroastedroot and found How to Cook Yucca Root.  I’m so glad I did! It’s really important because you could get cyanide poisoning if not!! Whoa!

So, Juila got me started (even if she did spell it wrong). She had some lovely pictures (which helped a lot in understanding what she was talking about). So I tried to do the same . . . (though not quite the same!)


I figured that other-less-than professional chefs might appreciate my less-than-perfect displays.

Once I got them boiled, I switched to Davida’s blog: The Healthy Maven. She’s got a great recipe for Crispy Yucca Fries  (I guess there’s some significant confusion about the spelling . . . )

I just skipped to the recipe at the bottom of the page, because Julia’s pics and info was more to my liking.)

When I finished boiling the fries, they looked great!

BUT when I added the extra virgin olive oil and sea salt they got kind of mushy.

Even so, they tasted good enough so I was willing to work with them. I put some of the firmer fries on one pan and some of the mushy ones on another. To the firmer ones I added some ground cumin and ground coriander (two of my favorites spices). I added some herbs to the mushy ones. I threw them both in the oven to roast them at 425 (I couldn’t imagine olive oil at 450) and they turned out delightful!

At this point, I had a few things in the oven and a limited amount of time to get everything on the table, so I ditched the camera and just got to work.

I highly recommend trying this root veggie – it’s the 3rd largest source of carbs in the tropics. Just make sure to boil it first!

So, if ever a friend (or enemy) gives you a yuca, you can say, Thanks! I can make some great fries with this!

I think there’s a lesson here for our hearts, too.

No matter what kind of “yuca” that life, people, or even God sends my way, I can honestly be grateful. There is always something good that can come out of it. I need to hold on to trust and to believe in the truth that God loves me and only allows in my life what He can turn to a greater good for me and others! Jesus, I trust in you!

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