Process of Discernment

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Once in contact with our vocation director, the next step would be a series of visits to our community in order to experience the life. The length of these visits would vary depending upon the circumstances of each individual, but normally the first visit would be from one to three days.

After these initial visits there is a one to two week discernment visit depending upon your availability and schedule. This longer stay is so that you can have a fuller experience of the daily life and charism of the community. If there is an interest to apply, this would be discussed with the vocation director after or during this visit.

The next step is the application process. In addition to filling out the application, this process includes a two to three week stay with the Community, during which time you would meet with certain members of the Order, and also take psychological tests. As part of the application we require two letters of recommendation (one from your parish priest, the other from a spiritual director). A physical examination will also be required prior to entrance. 

If accepted, you would be invited to come back for a 3-month visit called candidacy. This is a time of living with the Community as a final stage of discernment before being accepted as a member.


  • Those desiring to be members must be debt-free.
  • The age requirement for membership is between 18 to 40 years of age.
  • One must be single, never married and without children.
  • Physically and psychologically healthy
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