Inviting Jesus and Mary Anew Into Our Lives

In their ardent and tender love for each one of us, the Hearts of Jesus and Mary long to pour out blessings upon us. They want what is best for us, and want to help bring this about. However, our Lord and our Blessed Mother will never force anyone to accept the good things they want to give us. Rather, they respectfully wait until they are invited to do so.

The wedding feast at Cana (as we read about in Chapter 2 of St. John’s Gospel) can perhaps help us to understand this a little better. Jesus and Mary were invited to the wedding at Cana, and they went. If they hadn’t been invited, they probably wouldn’t have gone. They are not ones to “crash a party”!

Since they had been invited, our Mother Mary was able to see the need of the bride and groom and her Heart was moved with compassion. Since our Lord Jesus was invited, his Mother could bring this need to him. Jesus’ initial response to her may seem surprising. It almost sounds as if he’s not interested in her concern. But Mary knows the Heart of her Son, and so she is not put off by what at first may appear to be a refusal. Instead, she tells the servants to do whatever he tells them. And the fact that Jesus works the miracle proves that Jesus cannot deny his Mother anything!

The same will happen to us, as we are invite Jesus and Mary into our hearts and our lives. Just as she did at Cana, Our Lady will see our needs and will bring these needs to Jesus. She will then encourage us, as she did at that wedding, to do whatever Jesus tells us.

The servants at the wedding might have wondered what filling up some water had to do with the dilemma they faced of not having enough wine for the guests and the great embarrassment that would have been for the newly married couple and their families. However, the servants chose to obey . . . even if they didn’t fully understand. And I bet they’re glad they did! (Not to mention how glad the guests must have been!)

We also will be well rewarded if we choose to follow our Lady’s prompting and do the will of her Son—whatever it is that he is asking us to do—to the best of our ability: “to the brim”. Truly, Jesus will fill our hearts and our lives with the best of an abundance of his mercy and love.

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