Adoring the Heart of Jesus with Mary’s Heart

In Eucharistic Adoration we open up ourselves to the Mystery of Jesus Who is Present before us under the appearance of ordinary Bread. We come before Him with the desire to commune with Him: to share our hearts with Him, and to listen to His still, soft voice speaking to ours. We are willing to be vulnerable before our God, knowing that He is no Tyrant, but a loving Shepherd of our souls who only wants what is best for us. Our Constitution states well the internal disposition of heart we strive for with regard to our Eucharistic Lord:  “It is here that our Lord Jesus waits in patient love for us to meet Him. It is here that we can discover the silent secret recesses of His most precious Heart. It is here that we can ask Him to shelter us in His love and mercy. It is here that we can discover the portal to His innermost sanctuary where we can be bathed in His peace, joy, and comfort. Let us give glory and honor and praise to our loving Savior. Let us keep watch with Him every hour of every day, and make reparation for those who ignore His most generous presence.”

Jesus is a Person, and has a most sensitive and compassionate Heart. He is not just a “concept,” but a real, live Person, who is hurt when we don’t come to Him and open our heart to Him, just as any friend would be whom we are indifferent to or ignore. Every day as a community, we pray the following prayer before Mass: “O my Jesus, I pray and offer in reparation for the sins and sacrileges committed daily against Your Most Sacred Heart in the Eucharist.” We carry over this desire to “repair”—to somehow make up for the neglect and irreverence that our Lord Jesus subjects Himself to by coming to us in this most humble way—into our Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament throughout the day.

At times, though, we can find ourselves very poor indeed, spiritually speaking. We can feel we don’t know how to love God as He deserves to be loved. We can wonder how we can make up for all the evil and sin committed in the world, which wounds the Heart of Jesus so deeply. First of all, we can recall that the desire itself to console our Lord is a consolation to Him. We can also turn to our Mother Mary and ask her help. She loves our Lord wholeheartedly and is most willing to teach us how to love, adore and console her Son as He deserves. By saying, “Yes” to this help of the Blessed Mother, and asking for the grace we need to do so, we can love the Heart of Jesus with the Heart of Mary—and the Heart of Mary with the Heart of Jesus—and thus find ourselves safely ensconced in the very intersection of Their Two Hearts.

—By Fr. Francis of the Redeemer, OSIHJM

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