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Find Him

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Early last year, I walked into one of the facilities for the sick and elderly that we visit, and saw a man I had never seen before sitting on a couch. The expression on his face was slightly pensive. As I approached him, he looked up and gave a sad smile. I noticed his sadness was [...]

Compassion for the Sinner

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Forgiveness is one of the highest forms of love; one that all of us need, and yet which most of us find difficult to offer. We can often get stuck when it comes to forgiveness if our attention is on the sin rather than the sinner, and it is often necessary to first cultivate compassion in [...]

On a Cold December Day: A Psychologist Meets Christ

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On a cold December day, I got the news that the Psychology professor (who had taught me psychology when I was sixteen) had just had a heart attack and was going to need emergency open-heart surgery. Then I was told almost equally shocking news—that he said that if he was to die, he wanted to die [...]

Homeless Ministry

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So often in my life I’ve asked the question “Why?!”—Why did I have to go through this or that painful experience?! Why wasn’t I born better looking or have a more attractive personality?! Why is my tendency to judgment and condemnation of others so strong?! Why was I made this way?! And for goodness sake, why [...]

Trusting Someone Who Loves Us

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Blessed Mother Teresa said about the people she served, “They never curse, never complain. We don’t have to give them pity or sympathy. We have so much to learn from them.” In this section of our newsletter in which we relate encounters from our Works of Mercy, I decided to share a first hand experience of [...]

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Forget Not The Forgotten

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If you were to come with us on one of our visits to the Nursing Home, one thing that would certainly become apparent is the diverseness of the people and backgrounds that you’d find there. Pete, for instance, is only twenty-eight. He’s already talking about the prospect of spending the rest of his life in a [...]