Vocation Stories

Personal Thoughts on Consecrated Life

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“How can I ever put into words the gift God gave me in giving me a Vocation? He saved me from a life of self-gratifying, which leads to emptiness, and gave me a life of self-sacrificing, which leads to fullness. He asked me to let go of everyone I sought love from, and then He gave [...]

Giving Without Reserve

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When asked to write about an aspect of my vocation, what stood out to me as I was looking back was the importance of the “yes” one gives. Our yes to God varies in degree of how unconditional it is. It may initially be unreserved, but when one’s soul resists the sacrifices and demands that come, [...]

My Vocation Story

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Although I was raised in a good Catholic family, when I went away to college, I stopped going to Church. I fell in with a group of friends who were not the best influence on me. Spiritual darkness and confusion continued increasing in my life until, after three semesters, I dropped out of school and went back [...]