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The Harmony of Justice and Mercy

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Often throughout the history of the Church many people have grappled with the interconnection between God's mercy and His justice. I'm not exempt here. I have noticed in myself and in others, that often one attribute can be overemphasized, producing a caricature of Who God truly is. If justice is the attribute that is overemphasized it [...]

The Union of the Hearts of Jesus and Mary

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The union of the hearts of Jesus and Mary is a mystery of God’s great love for man. By “mystery” is meant something beyond our human capacity to fully understand. It’s not a puzzle to be solved, but a transcendent reality to be contemplated. Although a mystery is something we cannot fathom, it is nevertheless something [...]


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As a child growing up, my parents took my four siblings and I to Confession periodically—usually during Advent and Lent. Looking back, I see this as a positive thing. At the time however, I dreaded it! In fact, I remember one time getting physically ill (I literally threw up) at the thought of having to go [...]

Faithful Love

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It was a damp morning, and as I was driving I saw through the mist someone walking on the side of the road. As I came closer I saw it was a nicely dressed woman; she was making gestures of distress and kept throwing glances behind her at the upcoming cars. For a moment I was [...]

A Time for Mercy

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Introduction  “What do you expect from the Year of Mercy?” my older brother asked during a recent phone conversation. I answered as best as I could at the moment, but the question has stuck with me. As I’ve thought about it, my answer has become clearer. What I expect—what I hope for—from the Jubilee Year of [...]

Listening from the Heart

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In our Constitution it says, “As servants of our Lord we must ask Him to grant us the grace continuously to hear with His ears, to see with His eyes, to speak with His words, to touch with His loving tenderness.” Our life here is not a strictly silent one. Not in the formal sense anyway. [...]