The Potential of Every Woman

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Today I thought I would offer a few thoughts I’ve been having on the potential of every woman. My own reflection on the topic was recently inspired by something I read from a woman who is someone I look up to as a role model. But before I share the quote from her that brought my [...]

Fatima: A Message of Peace

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In 1917, World War I—called “the war to end all wars”—was raging. The Holy Father at the time, Pope Benedict XV, decided to pray a novena to the Queen of Peace, asking her to intercede for an end to the war. He began this novena on May 5. On May 13th, 1917, the eighth day of [...]

Keeping Perspective

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The ability to keep perspective is one which is valued in my community. We've talked about this through the years and we often refer to it under a different term: keeping the big picture. The objectivity it brings is one which can be analogous to the difference between viewing something from the land versus viewing something [...]

Listening from the Heart

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In our Constitution it says, “As servants of our Lord we must ask Him to grant us the grace continuously to hear with His ears, to see with His eyes, to speak with His words, to touch with His loving tenderness.” Our life here is not a strictly silent one. Not in the formal sense anyway. [...]

Contemplating with the Mother: An Advent Mass Preparation

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The Mass is a prayer of unparalleled proportions. The Catechism says, “The sacrifice of Christ and the sacrifice of the Eucharist are one single sacrifice . . . ‘the same Christ who offered himself once in a bloody manner on the altar of the cross is contained and is offered in an unbloody manner.’ ” (CCC [...]

Christ Dwells Within: A Christmas Meditation

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Christmas is a perfect season to ponder the mystery of Christ dwelling within us. The Blessed Mother can help us to recognize and remember Christ abiding within all of our hearts, considering her experience with Him as He lived physically within her for nine months. How delightful that time must have been for her; the ancient [...]

Listening for His Word

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Do we listen for His word each day? Do we search each day to hear our Lord’s particular guidance to us: a word of comfort, a word of direction, an admonition? Do we take time each day to quiet ourselves and silence the surrounding and interior noises to hear the Voice of the One that dwells [...]