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Faithful Love

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It was a damp morning, and as I was driving I saw through the mist someone walking on the side of the road. As I came closer I saw it was a nicely dressed woman; she was making gestures of distress and kept throwing glances behind her at the upcoming cars. For a moment I was [...]

A Time for Mercy

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Introduction  “What do you expect from the Year of Mercy?” my older brother asked during a recent phone conversation. I answered as best as I could at the moment, but the question has stuck with me. As I’ve thought about it, my answer has become clearer. What I expect—what I hope for—from the Jubilee Year of [...]

Listening from the Heart

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In our Constitution it says, “As servants of our Lord we must ask Him to grant us the grace continuously to hear with His ears, to see with His eyes, to speak with His words, to touch with His loving tenderness.” Our life here is not a strictly silent one. Not in the formal sense anyway. [...]

Confidence in the Mother

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Since we are so little (incapable, incompetent . . . really: nothing), we are in need of help. Thankfully, we have been given free access to all the help we need. We have been given the wondrous gift of a Mother who is completely kind, ever merciful, and all-powerful with God. God clearly foresaw our ineptitude [...]

Suffering: A Key to Life

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                  Several months ago, a beautiful Catholic family with eight children moved into the neighborhood, occasionally joining our community in praying, service and mass. They told us of an uncle they had who, at fifteen years old, was in an acrobatic accident that left him a quadriplegic for [...]

A Different Perspective

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The following two reflections are written by two of our Candidates who share their own unique perspective and experience here at the Order of the Sacred and Immaculate Hearts. Candidacy is the stage that leads up to entrance as a Postulant in our community; currently we have 3 Candidates living here discerning membership. We hope you [...]

Misery Meets Mercy

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Something we are all probably very familiar with is our own misery. We could use many different words to describe this spiritual and internal reality: weakness, woundedness, internal poverty, helplessness, powerlessness, littleness, wretchedness, brokenness, inadequacy, neediness, insufficiency, inability, imperfection, limitations, destitution, fallenness, sinfulness, unworthiness, and the list could go on and on. Regardless of which word [...]