A Prayer for filling and emptying

“O Breath of the Almighty,
breathe Your life into my soul,
that I may be animated only by You.
O Comforter,
grant me Your consolation,
that I may comfort those around me.
O Power of the Highest,
grant me Your strength,
that I may lift others who are weak and frail.
O Spirit of Grace,
grant me Your grace,
that I may live in accordance to Your will.
O Spirit of Prophecy,
grant me Your words,
for mine are of naught,
but Yours are the knoweldge of all ages.
O Spirit of Wisdom enlighten me,
for my thoughts are mere folly,
but Yours are divine and omnipotent.
O Spirit of Counsel,
guide me by Your infiinite understanding,
that I may in turn counsel those around me in need of your care.
O Spirit of Judgment convict my soul,
that I may live by Your law,
and may treat all I encounter with Your justice and mercy.
O Spirit of Truth,
grant me the grace of sincerity,
that I may always reflect You authentically.
O Spirit of Understanding,
infuse me with Your love,
that I may understand others with Your love and mercy.
O Spirit of Might,
watch over me,
That I may be protected from the powers of darkness.
O Spirit of Fire,
inflame and consume my heart with the fire of Your love,
that I may love You and others with Your most perfect love.
O Spirit of Christ,
fill my heart with Your desire,
that I may offer myself wholly to You without reserve.
O Spirit of Glory,
all praise and honor are Yours,
now and forever.

This is a prayer that I love. It feels like it’s our “Prayer in Union with Jesus” to the Holy Spirit. It contains that simple dynamic present there: filling and emptying.

It’s a prayer for His presence: “Breathe Your life into my soul . . . grant me Your words . . . infuse me with Your love . . . ” It’s a prayer of surrender and an active receiving of the love of God, Who is the Holy Spirit

It’s a prayer for Him to empty us: “that I may comfort those around me . . that I may always reflect You authentically . . .that I may love You and others with Your most perfect love.” If there was no emptying, no outlet, no pouring out, than God’s work within runs the risk of being unappreciated, growing sterile, becoming hoarded instead of shared.

Whether we meet three or thirty people today, let’s let the Holy Spirit fill us so that He can then draw those people to Father through the Son.

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