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    We are a contemplative community of religious priests, sisters, brothers and lay members, that serve the Hearts of Jesus and Mary through contemplation, Eucharistic adoration, and works of mercy and compassion. Through prayer, adoration and works of mercy we promote peace, love, devotion to God and mercy for all.

    Established in 1997 in Hopedale, Ohio (30 minutes from the Franciscan University of Steubenville), the Order is a private association of the faithful in the Diocese of Steubenville, Ohio.
  • Helping Jesus and Mary save souls



The First Pillar of our Charism

Eucharistic Adoration

The Second Pillar of our Charism

Works of Mercy

The Third Pillar of our Charism

Newsletter Articles

Faithful Love

It was a damp morning, and as I was driving I saw through the mist someone walking on the side of the road. As I came closer I saw it was a nicely dressed woman; she was making gestures of distress and kept throwing glances behind her at the upcoming cars. For a moment I was confused because she didn’t seem to be appealing for the cars to stop—none of her gestures indicated... Read More

A Time for Mercy

Introduction  “What do you expect from the Year of Mercy?” my older brother asked during a recent phone conversation. I answered as best as I could at the moment, but the question has stuck with me. As I’ve thought about it, my answer has become clearer. What I expect—what I hope for—from the Jubilee Year of Mercy is three-fold. I hope to: 1) see more deeply my... Read More

The Profound Path to Prayer Given by St. Teresa of Avila

As we approach the feast of Saint Teresa of Avila on October 15 (in this year of celebrating the 500th anniversary of her birth), we wanted to share with you some insights from her about prayer. So great was this saint’s love for prayer and so ardent her desire to lead others to it that she appeals to those who do not pray, “Anyone who has not begun to pray, I beg, for... Read More

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  • An Introduction to the Order

    48765 Annapolis Road
 · Hopedale, Ohio 43976 U.S.A.
 · Phone: (740) 946-9000